After todays team meeting I started the day by making a calendar for Hunter. It was pretty much just busy work. Then I got assigned more Capitol CIty Produce design projects. The person at CCP liked the map I did last week and they need some other things done soon for a new "segment" or campaign included under that local brand. The new segment is for their "Go Local" campaign, where I simply had to design a logo that mocks the original Capitol City Produce logo but including new text. There were a few basic design projects needed that implement this new campaign, including sticker designs, a flyer for their local producers, and a 5x7 post card design. The stickers were the easiest to complete, but a learned a new little trick for setting them up a certain way for the printer. I always love new hints and tricks! The other pieces weren't as simple of a task because I had to deal with some concept constraints and a large amount of content provided for its small context. Regardless, Hunter helped me work through the concepts and I think we came to some good resolutions that the client will approve of.