Today was an interesting day at X. I worked on the Hollydays auction item guide to meet the new needs of the client. It's been a back and forth kind of project, but that is normal. After working on that Tiffanie needed me to work on another spread for the Oxbow Professional Product catalog. I worked a lot in photoshop to recreate some product imagery for the catalog and then some in InDesign for the page layout. I've been working more in InDesign, which I'm really starting to enjoy. 

At lunch, Tiffanie wanted to take me somewhere to eat and discuss how I've been doing at X. It was really nice and unexpected. She actually offered me a full time position for after graduation! I had it in my head to stay there at least as an intern after I graduate if they needed the help but I wasn't expecting a full time job offer this soon in the game. I'm very appreciative of the offer, however, I can't give a complete answer just yet. They are aware of my wants and needs, I just have a lot to think about considering my plans for moving back to Lafayette. Nevertheless, I'm flattered and I'm excited that they like me enough to offer me a job and I'll definitely put a lot of thought into making my decision by graduation and I'll get back to them. I'm so thankful for Hunter and Tiffanie especially for doing so much to help me after such a short encounter, but I can tell I'm already a part of the X team.