So it's another Monday at Xdesign. First we had a weekly production meeting and things seem to be picking up in the office because of the holiday season coming upon us. More clients and more projects. Today I pretty much focused on continuing the project I began last week. I finished up the holiday card for Kean Miller and began working on the other pieces of the gift, including the new book cover, wrap around, and an insert. The design needs to be able to work for not just the cookbook but also for Kean Miller. I tried to keep the ribbon idea in mind because that directly refers to wrapping around something. So essentially, the wrap around acts as a ribbon. I kept it relatively similar to the card but obviously changed it to work on the book. The insert will be a ribbon shape with a di-cut that will be sort of like a bookmark to the opening page of the book with a holiday message from Kean Miller. I'm sure this project will go through many stages before being 100% complete, but it's a good start.