After my last day at X I was excited to get back to the office and work as a potential new designer. I began a new project that incorporates a previous project that X worked on for 2 years. One of their clients, Kean Miller, is an attorney law firm that has abour 3,300 clients and every year around the holidays they send out gifts to their clients. This year they are wanting to give the 'Seasons of Louisiana' Chef Peter Schlafani's cookbook to a majority of those clients and a holiday card to the rest. The cookbook of course was the project that was worked on at X for 2 years. Tiffanie largely worked on the design of the book as it fits under the Ruffino's client market plan. Because it was designed at X, we can modify it to fit the needs of Kean Miller for the sake of this holiday gift. They want a different cover (and dust jacket) with a band to go around the book. They also want to keep with the theme and style of the overall book but somehow make it look more fitting to the holiday season. 

I started today with the holiday card, which will emulate the layout and design of the already made cookbook. It's going to be a 6" square with a center 2 page layout including a featured recipe item from the book. Since it's coming directly from the cookbook I figured I'd simply recreate the recipe page but obviously make a few necessary changes. The front however did not have to be the image of the book, so I wanted to make it more holiday like but still highlight the food or cookbook idea. So I cropped an image from the cookbook that looks like part of a wreath. (Tiffanie said we could try to recreate the scene and actually take a few pictures to use later.) Another piece I took from the book that fits with the holiday theme is the ribbon motif. So I decided to use that on the cover above and below the Seasons Greeting title. So far I think it works well within the perimeters of the project and will be easy to incorporate into the remaining pieces.