Today at X was my day to take care of getting donuts and doing Friday at 4. I'll get to the activity soon enough but for the day's work load, it was a little different because Tiffanie was out all day. She normally assigns my tasks and everything else I had been working on I believe is on the waiting list. The other day however I left after a brief concept meeting with Tiffanie and Hunter for Ruffino's Christmas. They thought it would be good to have me get in and start thinking about ideas. So, today I started getting design ideas on Pinterest for a high class holiday theme. Hunter thinks the design I did for the cookbook for Kean Miller would actually work great, but I already used it for that! But, I'll be able to help think of something else I'm sure. 

As the day got going, Hunter gave me another document layout project. It's for Ruffino's Cooking Classes and contains a menu and recipe section among other content. I worked with InDesign for this because it's a 15 page long document. The design again wasn't completely original ideas since I was basically given the content and older files and simply had to update. But things like that still take time. 

For today's Friday at Four, I was the host! I didn't have too much time to come up with a good activity because I didn't know that it was my day until 2 days ago! Nevertheless, I wanted to talk a little bit about communication and its importance within a business setting. Of course, I'm just the intern so it's hard to emulate this authoritative voice but it was the topic that led into one of my favorite games. Taboo! We played girls vs. guys (3 vs. 4 - not fair!) and the guys won of course. But it was a fun ways to get us thinking about how to better communicate. I also had to write the Friday at Four blog post for this week. That definitely made me nervous because it's representing X not just through my designs but through my words. Nevertheless, it's all a learning experience and it's quite fun at times!