It's another Monday at X and today was a little quiet without Christine (our general manager) here to lead our production meeting. Hunter took over though and introduced some new projects. Before I could get started though I had to finish my blog post from Friday at Four and have Sydney go over it for me. Hopefully the post is good enough for X standards. 

After that I began working on the Ruffino's Christmas project. I showed Tiffanie the ideas I had come up with on Friday and began doing some istock photo research. I wanted to have the idea of holidays or Christmas represented through an image of red and green holiday like food. We can't really go and take pictures for Ruffino's since it's not a major project so I came across a few stock images we could use. First I had to just use low-res images for mock ups. The layout was more complicated than I thought because there's actually a lot of text. The main issue was also having to come up with a reasonable way of explaining the campaign. It's a Black Friday gift card deal for Ruffino's and two other restaurants that have worked collaboratively in the past years. This year it's somewhat of a competition to sell the most gift cards. The deal however is kind of confusing but I just put text that made sense to me right now. So the piece I first worked on was a table tent design. I laid everything out the best that I could to work for the text needed.  I like one design, Tiffanie likes another. That will happen but we need to get Hunter's opinion before moving forward. The image is what I have so far.