So today started on a slightly different foot. We had beignets instead of donuts for our Friday morning treat. It was delicious :) After indulging a little I helped Tiffanie mock up a few ideas for next year's Hollydays logo that needed to incorporate "The Junior League of Baton Rouge" somehow. I simply used the logo they already have because that's not really what they wanted to change. It was a small project so it didn't take too long. 

Then I had to do a few illustrator layer files for a video for Kean Miller. It too was a small project and didn't take very long. I also had to finish up the designs I started for the Ruffino's Christmas campaign. We're still focusing on the Black Friday deal before working on the following pieces. I had to implement the designs from the table tent and alter it for a CCL Newsletter ad (which is now horizontal). What I started got finished while I wasn't able to be in the office but overall it's my design and aesthetic so I'm happy with the outcome thus far. I then had to set up some print specs for Hunter to send off.