Today at Xdesign I worked on a few pieces at once. It seems as though the projects have skimmed down from logos to layouts. I first had to help Tiffanie make some changes to an Auction Guide for the Baton Rouge Junior League's Hollydays Event next week. The layout was some what of a mess on the client's end so we had to compile everything into an easy to read "brochure." It highlights the premier auction items for the event.

Around noon, Tiffanie, Syndney, and I attended the October Baton Rouge AAF meeting at Juban's. I'm not a member, so I've never been before, but it was sponsored for students to attend without being a member. I enjoyed it and am thinking about becoming a member. This month's speaker was Kelly Stevens, the just recently moved Whole Foods lead art director of 11 years. She spoke about her journey to that job and where she is today and gave quite a few examples of her work that left me very inspired. Overall, the luncheon was interesting and good to sort of stick my nose in the door of the BR American Advertising Federation. 

After lunch I began working a little bit on a new client's piece. The client is Oxbow Animal Health and the project is for their Professional Care Line Catalog. I'm not going to be designing the entire thing, Tiffanie simply needed me to help her work on a few layouts. Again, it's sort of tough to work within someone else's design because I have to keep consistent with what she is doing or what is already done. But it's good practice, because not every project designers work on are 100% an individual's piece. The layout for this particular page was a little challenging because the content was spare and needed to file a 2 page layout and too the image content available did not seem to coordinate with the particular subject matter. Nevertheless, I was able to work something up for the time being and next week Tiffanie and I will be able to make any necessary adjustments.