Today was a short day for me at X but I got to help Hunter design and tweak the football t-shirt we do for all the X clients to wear at LSU home games. This game is for the Alabama game so Hunter came up with the idea of using the crying Alabama fan image and say “Roll Tears Roll.” He was struggling to get a good filtered image to be screen printed so I worked on that for a bit. He basically said “I give up, Simone. Go fix it. You have 2 hours.” I was quite intimidated but I think I showed Hunter that I could do it!

Among some of the major projects going on in the office, I’ve been working a lot with the small projects too. Tiffanie needed me to recompose a file for TEA who needed a folder printer spec for Vista Print. (Tiffanie was pretty annoyed having to work with Vista Print, especially since the design was already laid out for a local printer). Anyways, I simply had to re-lay out the design in a template for Vista Print. Tiffanie helped me in understanding a few good tips and tricks in Illustrator too. I enjoy watching her work because I can see how she utilizes the programs because I’m actually still in the beginner stages of technical skill. She has faith in me that I’ll learn it all though! :)