Today is Friday. Another donut day at X: my favorite. But it’s starting to wear on me – I’ve become completely dependent on their donuts, leaving my house without even a piece of fruit! Anyways, today was a good day. I got to finish up searching through all the thousands of pages on iStock for blog post images for Home Buyers Discount. Tiffanie and Gibby have been working diligently to set up a blog site and email blast template for HBD and I was here to help out. Sydney our copywriter came up with 11 blog posts based on specific merchants who sponsor HBD and utilize the website for clientele in Baton Rouge. The blog posts were specified towards different home businesses like roofing companies, security alarm companies, electricians, etc. I searched for days for good images and then Tiffanie and I set up a template for ads and e-blasts highlighting a different topic each day. I was introduced to Mail Chimp to manage and send e-blasts on a mass scale. I simply had to go in an replace and edit things within the program, sometimes using code, sometimes just clicking. I got the hang of it and spent majority of the day just moneying around on mail chimp.

Because today is the first Friday of the month, I got to attend another AdFed meeting at Jubans. It as always was delicious and interesting. Today featured a prop artist from Louisiana who now works in LA on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He showed some of his work and I got really inspired. Even from a small town in Louisiana, it’s possible to find your niche in a big industry.