Another Monday today at X went by rather slow. I literally woke up thinking it’s Friday – but as I got settled into my desk after our meeting, Tiffanie introduced a new project. I’ll probably be working the week on it in between other small projects. It’s for the new client (company) I couldn’t mention a few weeks ago – the one that Tiffanie and I worked on the logo for. I won’t disclose the name but the company is a local brewery company. They decided on a logo (one that I hugely helped with J) and now want to start working with their 2 craft beers through tab handle designs. The first one is called Red Stick Rye and according to their prelim mock up they gave up they want a literal stick as the tap handle. I took that and tweaked it a little bit but as of right now the concept is still literally a stick. Their other beer is a honey infused cream ale called Swamp Swarm and they obviously want to incorporate a bee or honey in some way. I like this one better for a novelty tap handle because there’s more options. The sketches I’ve come up with so far incorporate the honey wand with barley and another favorite one with the beehive and dripping honey. I also want to provide them with more generic options so that when they start introducing a variety of craft beers they can incorporate a similar design style to each tap handle and eventually the beer cans or bottles. It’s a fun project so far! I’ve never really worked with designing a 3D novelty object or product so it’s cool to play around with all the possibilities.