Today at X I got back to pace after a short week and a long weekend. I finished up the Ruffino’s Christmas gift brochure last week and had to move on to other projects. A few weeks ago I worked on the design idea and mock up for the Kean Miller Holiday gift to their clients. They really liked the idea and want to go ahead with the design. So Tiffanie helped me organize the files and she sort of took over the production work for the new book dust jacket, wrap, and holiday card. But, today I got to help work with her and Krist to do a photoshoot for the card cover and book dust jacket that I mocked up earlier. I got to help set up and be a photo director, it was fun. The remainder of the day it was my job to edit the photos. One of which we poured flour on a black board and we needed it to be placed into an existing image for the dust jacket. It was sort of difficult because I needed to make the picture not look photoshopped. Consider 3,000 copies will be printed! So I spent a while on that and then got back to helping Tiffanie search for iStock photos. All this searching and setting up photo compositions makes me tap back into my photographer mode (which is small) and it was fun.