Wednesday at X was short since I was leaving for Thanksgiving break. I completed what I started on Monday and helped Tiffanie with something new. She and Hunter disagreed on a particular project for an existing client, Ritter Maher. They are a local architecture firm whose modern designs made this particular project somewhat difficult. They are opening a new office in 2015 and as a Christmas gift for all of their clients they wanted to send out a bottle of champagne as a sort of announcement for the new office. Hunter wanted the bottle label to look like a champagne label, which has a very classic look to it, but because Ritter Maher's identity is fairly modern, Tiffanie had designed something that looked too far from a classic champagne label. Hunter gave me the task to try and fix it. I did a bunch of research to try and accommodate both issues. Their color and logo is already set in place so I didn't have much leeway on that so I had to use type and other elements to treat the label as a somewhat antique looking label. I did what I thought looks good and also tried to incorporate the idea that it represents an architecture firm. Hunter will send the options to the client and see what they think and hopefully next week we can come to a final state.