Monday at X was busy because we had to finish up a lot of work before Thanksgiving. After tweaking the business cards I had not completed last week I started working on another set for another apartment complex under Amesbury Company, called Machac Lakes. Tiffany and Krist designed a few options for the new logo but they needed me to start working on some identity options for the business cards, letterhead, and envelope, etc. That's just in the first few stages right now. 

On a more pressing matter, Tiffanie, Hunter, and I had to get all the Ruffino's Christmas campaign pieces completed. I had to basically translate what we had designed for the Black Friday campaign and turn it into Christmas info. The pieces consisted of more table tents, posters, outdoor signage or billboards, and Facebook advertisement. Everything looks similar but I had to apply it several different ways. It will be cool to see everything in print and in place over the next month both in Baton Rouge and in Lafayette.