The internship at Xdesign comprised of providing production help and contributing creative ideas towards graphic design projects. The agency focuses on branding and strategizing design for web and social media for local and regional clients. Inters are asked to work under the Lead Designer, Tiffanie Pitre, and the Creative Director, Hunter Territo to come up with fresh and interesting designs for their clients’ and sometimes in house work. The internship doubles as a job and learning experience to get a better grasp on the graphic design field. It requires focus and consistant creativity to keep up with the demands.

Xdesign as an agency is a very successful organization that strives to please a variety of clients and audiences. Some of the strengths of the agency are the size and quality of the environment and group. Xdesign only has 11 members, which makes the work flow easier and the quality better, as it requires personal attention and close collaboration with all members.

For students, interning at Xdesign greatly benefits the understanding of the expectations of employers and clients. It was an experience that aided my time as a student and has opened doors to future opportunities to become a member of their team.

Some projects were more difficult than others and some clients are more favorable than others, but the overall experience of working on projects with a director helps build skills to apply towards both design projects and general projects. Being able to utilize the programs necessary for this field are vital in keeping a productive work flow. It is also important to constantly research and be aware of current guidelines in the design realm. Although much of the internship took place in office, it opened doors to getting to know the advertisement community. All in all it was a great experience with very little road bumps, that helped push the skills and abilities all graphic design students struggle to achieve.