Today was my first day as an intern at X. I had an interview earlier in summer with Hunter Territo, the Creative Director, and Tiffanie Pitre, the Lead Designer, where they offered me the position on the spot. I was excited to begin working and getting to learn about graphic design in a new setting. Monday mornings begin at 8 am with a weekly project meeting. The objectives were to go over the current projects in the office. It was a long list to say the least, so I knew I’d be able to help out as much as possible. After the meeting I was thrown right into the workflow. I was given my own working station and introduced to the firm’s online planner, where I was given my first project. I began working on an invitation design for the Embassy Suite Hotel’s grand reopening event coming up. The Embassy Suite is a new client and I was given 12-15 hour time limit, so I was a little nervous about how I should handle this. However, I was able to do a bit of research and come up with something rather quickly.