It has been yet another day of working at X and it's still going great. It is Friday so of course donuts were a must, but someone forgot so I was instructed to go pick up a fresh batch. :) The day had officially started. I was able to begin today with some new projects now that the menus are finally done. Tiffanie assigned me another logo for an existing client who owns several apartments throughout the US and have recently added a new complex in Texas. The style of the logo needed is different from what I have been working on because it needs to be more traditional and simple. I have a few sketches and ideas but I needed to start on a more pressing project.One of Xdesign's long-time clients, Kean Miller Attorney At Law, is constantly updating. They just launched a new website, which contains bio's and photos of all of the members at Kean Miller, and I needed to help edit and design mock photos to add to the site.  

I'm not super knowledgable about Photoshop, so Tiffanie was eager to help me out with a few tricks and tips to making editing easier. I spent the majority of the day working on the photos, which made for some tired eyes and a sore back. BUT, being Friday, the team generally gets together at the end of the day to unwind and do something fun, creative, and or informative. Gibby, one of the social media strategists and web designers, was incharge of today's activities. He gave a brief talk about patterns and anti-patterns within a business, then we all went outside and played Bocce ball. It was yet another team center activity; we played girls versus guys, and of course the girls won!