Things at X are beginning to slow down which is a good and bad thing because, one, I don’t feel so rushed to come up with ideas and produce impressive work, but two, I am working longer hours and having to organize and prioritize my work load according to my time in the office. Monday I spent time working on the Stonegate Landing logo and felt a little lost after Tiffanie had suggested most detailed or complex design. I figured that simple was key for a logo like this. Today however, I was able to find a good balance between too simple and just detailed enough to create a few logo options that may work well for the client. I did not work a full day today but I also went back to a previous logo that Tiffanie and I were working on together to make a few revisions after the client had time to choose a design. All my work thus far, I think, works well with the overall standards of Xdesign and what their clients except. I enjoy being able to see a project go through a process within a design agency. Friday I anticipate working closely with Tiffanie to complete any revisions necessary for the logo (that is still confidential to the client, but will soon be revealed for the sake of my portfolio).