Today was another long day in the office at X, but it was also a good one. I started the day with a little bit of busy work by putting together an excel spreadsheet of email addresses from Ruffino's comment cards. I now value the quality of good and legible handwriting. Hopefully I recorded everything correctly. Having to do a little redundant busy work every now and then is expected and I don't mind because it gives my head a break. I also was able to finish up my part for the Ruffino's dinner menus. They came out beautifully and I'm glad I was able to contribute to such a fun production piece. There is one more piece to the menu puzzle but I believe Tiffanie and Hunter will be finishing them up tomorrow on my day off. 

The second half of the day I spent working with Tiffanie on our logo designs for the still secretive new client. It's good to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and work collaboratively to provide several options to the client. However, there was still a little "design block" for both of us. Hunter had different ideas for the outcome and we were struggling to communicate what we feel will work well. So, we decided to end the day by going to Whole Foods for a little inspiration. (That's just a small hint towards the type of client we're working with). Like any project thought, it's good to step back and get some tangible inspiration. While my designs are simply contributions to Tiffanie's, it's been interesting to learn one on one about the steps and whereabouts in designing a real logo from scratch for a real client. Tomorrow Tiffanie will meet with the client for feedback and hopefully we'll be led in a more appropriate direction. We will just have to see on Friday.