Today at X I started working on a couple new projects. The pace is really good and works well with what I'm expected to do. I was asked to work on a 11 x 17, 4 panel brochure or pamphlet for the Junior League's Hollydays event. It's going to be a black and white Merchant Guide for the event that will include a list of vendors, sponsors, times, and a map. The design for this years is significantly less exciting than last years but I believe it's because of budgeting and a deadline issue. However, I was able to play around in InDesign a little more and start laying something out. The biggest challenge I've come across at X is having to work with existing files and design concepts in order to create something the coordinates with the brand or scheme in place. Most of XDesign's clients are long-term recurring ones, so there is not a large amount of "new" work needed. For me that can be a little bit of a hassle because I have to work around someone else's designs, ideas, and files. Either way I try to keep my design skills up and really start to build program skills while figuring out my way around issues like this. Once I get used to it though it will not be so tough. 

The other exciting thing that happened today was that I got to attend the Mac Paper's Lunch & Learn with Tiffanie this afternoon. There was a free lunch at Juban's and lots of free goodies provided by Neenah Paper and Sappi. The presentations were relatively short but the experience was grand. I love new paper and new inspiration. I can't wait to build my library of fun goodies like these over the following years in my career.