Fridays at X are always the most productive days. I worked on projects from Wednesday and began a new project today. I was excited to work on the piece that I did because it was for Capitol City Produce. I was asked to take a very outdated map of local produce and update it to a more modern design that compliments the new brand. The new identity was designed and applied over a long period of time at X, so there was a lot of inspiration and ideas I could take from. One of the unique things about Capitol City's new brand is the use of produce icons that play in and out of one primary logo mark. Hunter suggested using those different icons to represent the areas highlighted on the map. I thought that was a good idea, so that's what I did. The good thing with that as that majority of the icons I needed were already designed, I just needed to implement them in this new layout. 

The other good thing about Fridays here at X is that we do "Friday @ Four." This week, Krist was in charge of the activity. He gave a brief presentation about ways to improve your iPhone photography skills. He showed some cool ways to hold the camera, focus in on a composition, and showed us some nice apps to edit them. After that he gave us all a fun challenge. We had 30 minutes to complete a list by taking photos around the office and outside. The tasks in themselves weren't very difficult but we had to keep the tools he just showed us in mind. So by the end we came back together and went through our pictures and there was not clear winner but we all improved on our photo skills in a matter of minutes. It was a good Friday @ Four and I'm going to try and utilize those helpful hints from now on.